In the year 2,002,018, the space craft Pioneer 10 arrives at the giant star of Aldebaran.

In 1945, Tom and his brother Cor lose each other in war. Tom became part of one of humanity’s greatest successes- the space programme; while Cor became a number in humanity’s greatest failure- the concentration camp system.

Generations later, their great-niece goes on a journey to reunite them.

In an epic true story of family heritage, disappearance and space travel written between the farmland of North Holland and the deserts of Arizona, Satellites asks questions about who and what we leave behind, and how we can begin to measure the immeasurable.

Satellites is a new play devised by Natalie Songer. The first stage of research was supported by Arts Council England, and took place in Arizona, California, East Anglia, Germany and the Netherlands. The next stage of development has continued support from the Arts Council and will be taking place in autumn 2019.