Research and Development Day 4

Today was a mind-bender as we created a few new storyboards and looked over the ones we did on Day 3.

We looked at each of our characters as tapes in separate decks, that we pressed ‘play’ on at different times: once their story is playing, it cannot be changed, but it can weave in and out of other people’s. By doing this we created what we called a “staggered chronological” timeline, where the events fit broadly chronologically in their own narratives, but different important things are revealed at different moments.

The end product of the day was the Master Storyboard for the final piece- this is what we had been setting out to achieve by the end of the week, so now we have an extra day to flesh it out and talk through the events a bit more.

It begins with the Pioneer 10 spacecraft arriving at the Orange Giant star of Aldebaran in 2 million years’ time, and zips back to 1930, where two brothers are gazing up at the skies in rural Holland. Pioneer’s story then plays in reverse, while the stories of the humans plays forwards. We travel through continents and centuries, through solar and star systems and arrive, we hope, at a place of reconciliation and hope.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”- Carl Sagan


We also starting playing around with some new, more appropriate titles for what the piece has started to turn into: watch this space!